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Ireland: Damian Nixon in The ImaginAIRium

Damian Nixon reports on finding a new ImaginAIRium :

  Damian :  “Lovely day out but would have been a lovely day out anywhere. Ropebridge to a rock near Larrybane (means Ancient White Site in English). Takes about three minutes to walk around the top of the rock, after you pay money to queue to get to it across a rope-bridge. In olden times, the bridge was the only way fishermen could reach Carrick-a-Rede (means Rock in the Road) Island to catch salmon migrating from the Bush and Bann rivers. Worth seeing but not worth going to see, as a famous guy said about the giant’s causeway (Johnston I think he’s called). This wee vid will save ye all the bother. haha. (Beautiful scenery when the sun’s shining though). If you’re going, make sure you’re there very early, i.e. 8.30 a.m., or you’ll queue for an hour.”

I wonder if Damian looked at his camera’s monitor, crossing this mostly planked rope bridge, or did Damian mostly aim the camera?

Damian Nixon

Did he really say where his “schul played ball”?

Eric Clapton In The ImaginAIRium

Chapter 1:

Curtain Call :

The Response to the thundering ovations requesting, indeed demanding,  a Curtain Call: (PS-which do you like better?):

There are 2 basic ImaginAIRiums (sometimes they weave in & out of each other):

1.    The Virtual: The space between the ears

2.   The Physical

The Great Room in The Meeting House Law Building & Gallery, Spring City PA.

Studio 37 Johnstown, Waterford Ireland,

Studio 37 B, Copper Coast, Ireland

The Blazing Horse Festival, Ireland

White Water Depot – Mount Tremper, Woodstock NY

The Hilton Sky-Walk, Lake Erie PA

AMTRAK’s Silver Star

The Tram :  Tampa Airport

The ImaginAIRium : A Multi-Media Think Tank, Sound Stage, Edit studios, Black Box Theatre, Meeting House.

The ImaginAIRium will be the Great Room of The Meeting House Law Building & Gallery. There are 3 private new offices and more in the addition

The InaginAIRium aims  to be the crossroads of creativity, technology, art, theater and imagination.

We plan to have projections, films, networking, coffee shop, black box theater in the basement for 10 to 30 seats…

We want to be a country club for film makers, geeks, musicians, audio and visual  DJs, poets, videographers, photographers, artists, dancers, collectors,quilt makers, potters, storytellers, imagineers … Musicians are invited to bring a guitar, fiddle, flute, harmonica or whatever, play alone, or with friends…preplanned or unannounced, for the delight of those who may have stopped by for coffee or whatever…

There are already brother & sister ImaginAIRiums. They are Physical and Virtual ImaginAIRiums reported on , described in words ,videos and photos elsewhere on this blog.

There are sister stations, is one.

Most of all The ImaginAIRium is a networking clubhouse to make music, films, friends, art and celebrate life and wholesome food …coffee may be the exception that proves the rule.

The Morphing of The Meeting House to The ImaginAIRium :Stage 2

Two  iPhone Videos updating the metamorphosing :



The First Think Tank Meeting:

We have had an initial creativity meeting, a resounding success, with spontaneous music, dance, poetry, projections, a stamp act performance and a delicious 7 PM breakfast.

A sampling of the videos from this meeting are below and elsewhere on this blog and on

There is a  a  Wikipedia article on The Meeting House in an earlier incarnation:

Stay tuned, we are continually updating this page and adding new ones to

Please subscribe, tell us a story, sing us a song, send us a painting or drawing or comment if you feel so inclined…

A few iPhone photos: